CornerStone Computer Systems

CornerStone systems provides computer services, systems and consultancy in the following fields:

  1. Increasing productivity and efficiency
  2. Raise the level of quality and reduce the damages and second degree
  3. Planning and organizing storages, and follow-up quantities accurately and classification cards
  4. Employment, training, loyalty to the workplace and enhance the spirit of the team
  5. Procurement and follow-up of suppliers, their accounts and their supplies
  6. Sales, customer accounts and invoices
  7. Electronic marketing
  8. Unseal export markets and follow up on exports
  9. Helps in obtaining ISO quality certificates

10.Listing the enterprise on the stock exchange and providing services for shareholding companies

11.Salaries and relating salaries to production and quality

12.Maintenance (preventive) and maintenance (repair) follow-up technicians and spare parts

13.Administrative decisions – Long-term and short-term plans

14.Industrial security and Insurance

15.Computers and printers maintenance

16.Networking and connecting devices

17.Utilizing the technologies to save time, effort and money( Cameras, alarms, etc…)

Our Computer Systems:

CornerStone systems provides computer services, systems and consultancy